Virtual School

Homeschool Assessment & Education Plans for Grades K-12

What is It?

Homeschool assessment and planning tool for Grades K-12 in reading, language arts (ie grammar), and math.

Covers all the California Education standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Monitoring and dedicated support by a credentialed teacher.

How Does it Work?

Shortly after signup, you will be given a web address with an username and password.

A short assessment will be completed by your child, 20 minutes for younger children and up to 60 minutes for older student per subject (3 total).

A custom learning plan will be created within moments based on the assessment results. The student can be placed in lessons below their grade level and above dependent on their assessment. They work through the  lessons and test for understanding.

You can view reports that will let you know how your child compares to other children at the same grade level in each subject.

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Sign Up

$75 registration fee and $25 per month tuition. Cancel anytime.

Includes assessments 3 times a year, custom reports, lessons tailored to your child, monitoring and support by a credentialed teacher, me!


As a parent, homeschooler, and educator I always have this concern that I am not filling all the academic needs and requirements for my children and students.

  • Am I teaching them everything they need to know?
  • Are they understanding it?
  • How do I cover all these things they have to learn, without wasting my time on what they already know?
  • How are my children comparing to other children their age? Are we behind or ahead?

If only there was a way to evaluate them, tell me where they stack up, and then give me a PLAN with lessons on what they don't know, and a way to assess their understanding.

As an educator I have special access to a tool that will do just that and I will be your guide to help you every step of the way. I implemented it in my own classroom and it has made me feel much more confident.

I have felt a tug on my heart to help other children beyond my microschool and I truly believe this virtual school is the answer.

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